360 Degree View of the Inside of a Versatile Office Trailer

Office Trailers are used for a wide variety of uses on many sites through out New York State.


Have you ever wondered what the inside of an office trailer looks like?


There are a number of industries that utilize temporary office trailers, such as construction, education, healthcare, warehousing and manufacturing. This speaks to their versatility; office trailers are great for sales or administrative space, giving clerical staff and management a center base for operations, customer service and planning.

Single or multi-wide temporary office trailers have very similar stock exteriors. They typically have aluminum siding on an I-beam frame with standard drip rail gutters.

When it comes to heating and cooling, they all provide climate controlled workspace for your staff to be comfortable during the summer heat or the cold winter weather.

Communication technology keeps you connected and ahead of the curve. Fortunately, you can get an office trailer with telecommunication setup and wiring options so you don’t miss a beat. Your first step is to ask the dealer if the trailer comes equipped or if they can connect you with an authorized service provider.

When determining where to place the office trailer, another consideration is the power source. Is it going to be hardwired into a local utility? If so, coordinate with the utility company as well as the office trailer company when it comes to delivery and setup. If the power source is a generator, keep safety in mind.

The number of people occupying the space is the primary factor in determining the size and type of trailer to rent, lease or buy.

Trailer sizes run from 8’ x 24’ (ideal for one person) to 24’ x 60’ (a conference room fitting 10 people). While you may not want to pay for extra space, ensuring adequate area to accomplish work is a huge plus for your employees.

If there are employees strictly working in the office trailer, having a restroom inside increases their comfort and productivity. Office trailer restrooms are available in our single wide trailers 10’ x 40’ feet and up. Questions to ask before delivery of the modular office trailer, Are you going to be able to hook into an existing sewer line?  If not, what options do you have for fresh water, disposal and toiletry systems?

Now that you have seen the inside on an office trailer, picture yourself using a field office for your next off site need.

Please call one of our helpful customer service people to get one ordered for your jobsite.