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Construction Space

Managing a construction project from beginning to end requires you to control the time, cost & quality of the work from residential, commercial & Industrial buildings to roads, bridges & schools. Having a place to coordinate all aspects of the construction process including hiring contractors and working with engineers, architects and vendors is a must.


Break Room

Job Site employees are exposed to the elements for most of the day so productivity can suffer when workers don’t stop for breaks. Knowing that job site demands can be stressful for everyone, we can provide a comfortable break room where staff can go to take their morning or afternoon break. We even offer layouts with a more open space to accommodate a break room trailer where they can relax and have lunch. Renting a portable space like our 8×32 mobile office will allow you to outfit the trailer with tables, chairs, coffee and refreshment stations in order to increase morale. All while staying out of New York’s drastically changing weather.

Job Site Office

Having your office on site & close to the activity while in the field is important whether you are looking for short term or long term rental. We have temporary office trailers that are designed to keep everything you will need at your fingertips. The 8×24 modular office trailer can provide a desktop and plan table that will meet a variety of needs & help make the most out of your job site office. Sometimes the management team needs to be in the same area to keep productivity efficient. Versatile Office Trailers offers larger units such as the 8×32 Field Office that has a 2 room layout so you can keep up to date with what’s going on. The large windows will allow you to oversee the construction site and keep you tuned in to what is happening outside to help you meet your deadlines.

Engineers Office

As a Site Engineer, your role is to provide a technical & supervisory position on the construction project. Leasing a mobile office space will give you the ability to bring a temporary office to your job so you can keep things on track while working with Construction Managers, Supervisors, & Sub Contractors. Our Private Office Space layouts can give you the workplace you need to stay on task and keep productivity going in the right direction. Whether it’s a 10×40 or a 10×50 Field Office Trailer, you’ll be confident that it’s the right work space for you. The plan table can accommodate all of the blueprints and the full width desktop will be a comfortable place to work on your computer. Options featuring 1 or 2 private office layouts will give you a place to share the same office space with your project manager. Certain modular trailer layouts will provide you with a clean private restroom complete with sink.

Field Office

A field office trailer is generally part of a long term project where you need an office in a remote location in order to cut down travel time and expenses to and from your main office. Being New Yorkers, we understand the term “remote location” and can offer a modular office solution that can be more economical than a full service office. The 12×60 Field Office or 24×60 Double Wide Field Office will have Heat, Air Conditioning, & Electric so personnel will not be hindered by working in a temporary office. With the same features, our 12×44 or 12×60 Designer Office Series will give an even more professional appearance with french door entry ways & carpeted office space. Being energy efficient, Leasing these modular offices will keep your projects on budget.

Plan & Meeting Rooms

On a construction site, there’s always something going on. Drilling, hammering, & the noise of equipment’s engines can be distracting. Having a secluded meeting space is necessary to keep the planning on track and as efficient as possible. The clean & professional environment that we provide can do just that without having to overcrowd everyone into a small area. Our 10×50 Mobile Office rental options can give you the capability to hold meetings of all sizes. Each layout gives you a conference room large enough to equip with tables & chairs with the choice of 1 or 2 private office spaces. If it is a long term larger scale project, Versatile Office Trailers has a 24×60 Double Wide OfficeSpace with 4 private offices and an even larger meeting room.

Equipment Storage

Smaller construction projects can be difficult when finding the space where you can keep all of your equipment, tools, & materials but still have a place to do all of that paper work we all know and love! Even with a short term rental, our 8×28 Office Combination trailer is configured to give you office space & storage space all in one modular unit. The heated & air conditioned office will keep you out of the elements comfortably and provide a work space with a desktop where you can take calls out of the noise. With an access door to the storage space, tools & other supplies can be safely stored inside the portable trailer so they are readily available to avoid scrambling around the job-site looking for things.

Construction Trailer

Safety in construction is not a matter to be taken lightly. In today’s world, health & safety is the priority in every aspect of construction at all times. The majority of job site accidents are avoided by keeping your workers informed and holding safety meetings. Leasing our 10×40 or 10×50 mobile offices will give you the temporary space you need to gather everyone in one area. The Meeting Room is equipped with a private restroom and still has enough space for a coffee station, refreshments and food for your conference space. Featuring a two room design with private entries to both rooms, the Versatile Office Trailer will allow you to have a personal office separate from the meeting room. Here you can safely keep all of your personal belongings, administrative paperwork, & plans.