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Commercial/Industrial Space

While your business is growing or expanding a need for more space will arise. A safe & efficient work place is necessary during these times so you don’t have to put operations on hold. We will provide a clean & professional work space where staff can continue doing their daily tasks without distractions. Whether you are holding meetings with your staff, customers, or suppliers, one of our trailer configurations will help keep your business on track. 


Meeting Room

Giving presentations to board members, stockholders, etc. can be stressful enough without the added annoyance of being unable to access A/V equipment or not having a centralized meeting area in which to accommodate your team. Versatile Office Trailers has sleek, adaptable solutions to your predicaments with our 8’x32′ or 10’x50′ field offices. You’ll have no need for clunky power strips with our 8’x32′ office, as our two-room units contain offices complete with outlets and the full-width desktop gives adequate room for your computer or electronic devices. Whether short term or long term, leasing with Versatile allows you to stay mobile while having the comfort to conduct professional meetings. If you need extra room to hold larger conferences or summits, our 10’x50′ three-room office will afford you a bit more leg room.

Temporary Office

A company’s expanding needs is always a good problem to have, but sometimes businesses are not always able to add-on to the space that they are currently using or construct a brand new building according to their needs. Versatile can provide efficient and productive temporary office space without compromising safety or quality. Most of our office trailers are equipped with full-width desktops, while our 10’x40′ modular office units provide plan tables that conveniently fold flush against the wall, which provide extra space in which to configure your plans. Leasing our 8’x32′ Temporary Office will afford you and your staff with electrical outlets, so that they can remain as efficient and comfortable as the offices to which they are accustomed.

Sales Office

Staying competitive in the field of sales can sometime require showing your clientele that you are a cut above. Versatile Office Trailers has just the method to help you close the deal with sophistication while maintaining the ease of optimizing work space in a limited time. Our Designer Office Series, which come in 12×44 and 12×60 Modular Trailers, are easily in the same league as the high end, fixed offices you find in any downtown business district. Your vendors and clients will marvel at the plush, carpeted floors and the french-door entryway is truly in a class of its own, while maintaining functionality and professional look all sales teams require. Leasing a Versatile Designer Office will insure your company’s reputation as polished, seasoned sales experts.

Real Estate Office

In our modern, ever-changing world, your clients know that if your reputation is solid, you don’t always need a stationary office in order to meet their property-buying needs. Here at Versatile Office Trailers, we know that being on the go and meeting your clients where they are can be the keys to success. Leasing one of our 10’x40′ Temporary Field Office will provide you or your agents with a full width desk top and multiple convenience outlets, giving you the amenities of a stationary office. Electric baseboard heating and dual tube fluorescent lighting help to keep your clients relaxed. With a Versatile office/conference room included , you’ll have room to display model apartments in comfort and style. Our Mobile Office Trailers are equipped with a plan rack and holders, which keep you organized and enables you to impress your clients. There’s even a closet to give an element of warmth and hospitality, which can give your company the edge over your competitors.

With a two room unit, you can have a private office and still have an area where others can operate. If you need a lunch room, we have open floor plans as well. We can provide you with a space that you can outfit with computers, printers, desks, tables and chairs. Equipped with air conditioning & heat, everyone will be comfortable with New York’s changing weather year round. Our office trailers will reflect the way you run your business and will help it continue to succeed.